Goode's Goolwa

08 April 2011
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Hello, I’m Thomas Goode, first Mayor of the Corporation of Goolwa.  I’ve come back to see what the amalgamated Alexandrina Council is doing to preserve our heritage.

I’d like to lead you around the River Port of Goolwa to show you how the sturdy men and women who migrated to this town lived and worked in the 19th century. Many came from England and Scotland  (Cockenzie) and some Scandinavians jumped ship to join the river boats.  Our town owed its existence to  the Murray Darling River trade, and Australia’s first railway line which took wheat and wool from the wharf to the port  at Port Elliot.

I’m delighted to see Goolwa’s citizens succeeded in saving much of the charm and character of the old buildings, and that volunteers are happy to research and tell the stories that add life to them.

As you walk around, see if you can work out where buildings have been modified when saddlers and horse stables were no longer needed, or extended as greater demands were put on them. As many of the buildings have had several careers since I lived here,   (I died in 1882 and my original store was destroyed by fire) I’ll let the buildings do the talking. 

But first I want to acknowledge that we stand on Ngarrindjeri Nation land, and invite you to look at Jekejere Park, adjacent to the Old Police Station which tells some of their traditional way of life.


I would also like to acknowledge the support of the Alexandrina Council, its Library and the History Room.

Research material was sourced from the History Room, in particular Dawn Juers 'Mostly Goolwa',  old newspapers available on Trove, and photos from the Bill Cox collection as well as the initial research and scene creation by the Goolwa Primary School students of 2010.  Further information is available at the Library, Cadell Street, Goolwa or on any of these websites.

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