The Mystery of the Colonel's Ghost

21 March 2011
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The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost” is an historic urban game with the design of the city of Adelaide at its base. The game revolves around the first urban designer of Adelaide, Colonel William Light and his vision to establish a metropolitan city.

Come on a treasure hunt through the streets of Adelaide where  solving different kinds of puzzles will lead you to a hidden message that Light ‘designed’ into Adelaide. The game will not only let you explore the history of the formation of Adelaide, but you will rediscover the city you may already know from a very different perspective.

The game is an example of how we can playfully interact with Adelaide's history and culture using location-aware mobile technology.

 The Rules

The rules for playing the game are simple:

  • Navigate to the game locations on your mobile phone.
  • Download the map and print it to start playing (optional - see below).
  • Remove the decoder tool from the left side of the map.
  • Use your phone, map and decoder together to solve puzzles and earn symbols.
  • Collect 5 sets of symbols and draw them in the table on the map. Each symbol must be selected from the symbol list below the map.

Note: You can still play without the map and learn a lot about the early history of Adelaide but you won't be able to solve the puzzle that allows you to ultimately discover 'Light's hidden message'.

This single player location-based mobile adventure has been adapted (with permission) from the original urban design game and multi-player genre developed by Ronald Lenz, Director of 7scenes Amsterdam for play during the 2009 Adelaide Fringe.

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