Free - Mobile Learning showcase

28 August 2010
VTC - 04. J Senses

Advancing onto post-secondary school education is an exciting new phase in life. It also poses challenges, especially for students who need to adjust their language mode of learning from Chinese to English. Hence, CLT would like to take this opportunity to enhance students’ confidence in embracing English as the medium of instruction by using a fun and innovative approach, for example, incorporating 7scenes with mobile learning. The target participants for this learning opportunity are mainly Secondary 3+ students promoting to the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE).

The following objectives are what we would like our participants to achieve by the end of the session:

1.   Explore the tremendous opportunities in learning English in the city,

2.   Experience how mobile technology enhances their learning, and

3.   Have an enjoyable and interactive English learning experience.

VTC - 07. Blue House
  • place II - Chan Sheung Kee riddles

  • place Goose-neck Bridge

  • place Blue House

  • place I - Yuet Wah Music Co.