A Moment To Remember

03 April 2018

Hey darling. If you are reading this letter you must be awake again. I spoke with you as soon as you waked up after your car accident and you had no memory of me. I have been thinking about whether or not it would be selfish to help you remember me but im not sure. So I will leave it up to you. If you would like to reclaim your memories of me I have made a game to help you. At University, where we met and devoloped our relationship, I have made clues about finding me again at places where we created memories.

When you combine all of the clues, you will find out what my name is, and what my phone numbers is. If you again feel the same way about me as I do about you, solve the final problem.

  • place Q1

  • place Q3

  • place Q2

  • place Q4