Who Was Johnny Green?

16 April 2012
JG on peacock

My name is Johnny Green and although I have been around the Burra Mine for over 170 years very few people really know about me. In that time I have seen the mine from atop the shears on several of the big pump houses, I have been high up on poles and now I am on the top of a reconstructed chimney. I have watched over the mine in its boom times when copper was king but I have also seen its demise more than once and watched the miners who have elevated me on high either die or depart. 

Now I would really like to show you how science and engineering made their impact on this community all those years ago and at the same time I’d like to know more about Burra as it is today. We can do all this together using your 3G enabled mobile device.  As you visit each place on the mystery tour please add photos and notes on the Burra you see today and in return I’ll give you clues and rewards that will ultimately lead you to solve the mystery of who I really am. Together we'll explore Burra in a new and exciting way and you may well re-discover a community you never knew existed.


  • Ensure your mobile device is charged and volume is up
  • Print the Map / Decoder Tool opposite and take with you 
  • When at Burra find Who Was Johnny Green as a nearby scene on your 7scenes app
  • Navigate to its13 places but remember only one place will ever be revealed at a time
  • View the rich information about Burra on the screens that activate and collect rewards and clues Johnny leaves at the places
  • Use the map to decode the clues and earn symbols. Draw them in the spaces on the map.
  • At the last location on the last screen you will get instructions to finally reveal ............................... Who was Johnny Green?

Who Was Johnny Green is a community project supported by the Australian Government's Inspiring Australia strategy. The research, design, direction and field testing has largely been undertaken by a group of Year 7, 8, 9 students at Burra Community School with teaching and learning support provided by Mrs Sally Fieldhouse, library support by Mrs Mary Woollacott and creative direction and project management by Mr Roger Edmonds. Mrs Jess Humphrys, tourism officer at the Goyder Regional Council has been a facilitator for all groups and the Burra Passport Committee led by Cr Jane Kellock acted as subject-matter experts and independent testers.

Text, audio, images and videos have been sourced from many different organisations though the majority are either from the State Library of South Australia or the Burra History Group website. Attribution is shown on the media used. To the best of our knowledge all media is either in the public domain or permission has been obtained to use it.

Map decoder
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  • place Peacock's Chimney

  • place Ore Dressing Tower

  • place Morphett's Engine House

  • place Mine Adit and Open Cut